About Us

Armageddon Tactical Solutions was built on the philosophy we used in the military. Train your men to be better than you are in order to increase their survivability on the battlefield. We use our decades of real world experience to do just that. We embrace the crawl, walk, run method of teaching as did our teams. We build each student to a high level of proficiency. Whether you are looking to develop your basic skills or looking to increase your speed and accuracy to the level of advanced hostage rescue units, we have a course for you to master. It is unfortunate the industry has instructors that just run students through drill after drill without taking the time to individually correct and fine tune them. You can practice a drill a million times, but, you are only developing bad shooting practices that can possibly cost a life. We stress that students become an expert on the basics. In the end there are only advanced applications of just that...the basics.

Our training technique to teach, coach and mentor has led our soldiers to be able to boast a 100% graduation rate from the US Army Ranger School, US Army sniper school and multiple Hostage Rescue courses to name a few. Our soldiers went as far as finishing in the top 5 in the US Army's invitation only International Top Sniper competition. Our vision is to provide a forward thinking, diverse training environment that will leave our students prepared, but not limited, to increasing their survivability and sustainability for societies uncertainties.  Whether it is attending a Selection, military/LE School, competition or being ready for a natural disaster, we believe it is irresponsible not to find the knowledge and training to apply a plan that is owed to you and your family.